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Hello! Welcome to our firm's blog. Here we will post news pieces as they relate to immigration and the entertainment and arts industry. Our aim is to not only talk about the headlines but also to touch upon issues that foreign artists and their personnel encounter, especially when seeking admission in the US. Please click through our website to learn more about our legal services. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your needs. 

SXSW - Applications from Abroad to Austin, Texas

With the end of the holidays we begin a particularly busy season in our offices. Around this time of the year, we rev up for the work to be done on behalf of a wide range of artists coming to perform for some of the US's biggest music festivals. One such festival: South by Southwest. SXSW promotes itself as "...the biggest and most anticipated convergence of all things music..." As we research SXSW and how the festival chooses its music performers, we learn that there is an application process (which closed in early November); the first round of lineups were recently announced. 

What does Cuba announcement mean for traveling entertainers?

One of the most exciting and controversial diplomacy decisions in recent U.S. history was President Obama's announcement that the United States will slowly begin to reestablish ties with Cuba. For the last half-century, Americans have been all but barred from traveling to an island nation just 90 miles away from the U.S.

For musicians and other entertainers wanting to perform in Cuba, this historic decision will likely make travel itself easier. However, like America's relationship with Cuba, travel regulations remain complicated.