US Non Immigrant Visas

Assisting With the Procurement of US Non Immigrant Visas

Non-immigrant work visas options — such as H, L and E visas — can be applied for directly by corporations on behalf of prospective employees. It is crucial to have someone on your side with the skills and resources to obtain the legal clearance you need.

At Traffic Control Group, our staff of attorneys have worked with many individuals and corporations. We have worked with individuals in the worldwide touring industry for more than 25 years. Based out of New York City, we have the connections necessary to expedite the process and secure favorable outcomes for clients seeking non immigrant work visas.

H, L and E Visas Services for US Temporary Workers

No matter where you currently reside, we can help you get through the non-immigrant visa process as efficiently as possible so you can obtain the H, L or E visas that you need.

We can take the hassle out of the non-immigrant and investor visa process. To arrange a free initial consultation, call us at 212-431-370, toll free at 212-431-3700 or contact us online.