United States Musician & Entertainer Visas

The U.S. immigration laws and procedures regarding O and P visas can be very complicated. However, USCIS rarely denies an O or P petition outright. If the office has concerns about the visa petition it will send a request for evidence ("RFE"). If this happens, USCIS will certainly delay approval of your case and possibly jeopardize your upcoming travel plans/tour. It is therefore crucial to consult with a qualified immigration attorney in order to avoid potential delays and problems with your case and to successfully navigate the visa process. Do not be deceived into thinking that just ANYONE can file paperwork and advise you properly!

TCG is owned and staffed by experienced immigration attorneys. The owner has been practicing solely immigration law for more than 30 years. EVERY CASE FILED BY OUR OFFICE IS ORGANIZED AND THOROUGHLY REVIEWED BY OUR LEGAL STAFF PRIOR TO SUBMISSION TO U.S. IMMIGRATION. To discuss your temporary visa needs in a free consultation, call us at 212-431-3700, or contact our firm online to schedule an appointment.

Obtaining the Musician and Entertainer Visas You Need to Tour in the United States

We help entertainers, and their support staff and crew, secure a temporary work visa for artists, commonly known as O and P visas:

  • O visas: Can be issued for up to three years initially (and can be renewed) and are reserved for INDIVIDUALS with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, business, education, athletics, film and television.
  • P visas: Available for internationally recognized entertainment GROUPS. These visas can be issued for a period of up to one year and can be renewed yearly.

Securing U.S. Temporary Work Visas for Global Artists, Musicians and Entertainers

At the Traffic Control Group, we have been helping internationally acclaimed artists, entertainers and athletes facilitate their tours for more than 30 years. You can rely on us to take the hassle out of your work visa and immigration issues so you can have a successful tour in the United States.

Experience With All Major Festivals, Events and Shows

When trusting your trip into the United States to an immigration attorney, be sure you have put your trust in someone who has the experience needed to ensure your trip goes off smoothly. Our lawyers have extensive experience assisting with all types of music and art festivals:

  • SXSW
  • WMC
  • CMJ

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